Tomáš Klinka

Dr. Tomáš Klinka is currently active in advocacy (SIGNUM legal solicitor´s office) as a patent attorney focusing on intellectual property rights and information technology rights. Tomáš Klinka is responsible for an agenda and development of intellectual property rights and he heads company´s branch office in Banská Bystrica. In his professional career Tomáš Klinka focuses on the effective protection of intellectual property, strategic litigation, innovations management, and technology transfer. As an expert at the Arbitration Centre of the European Information Society Institute (EISi), he ruled in several interesting domain cases:,,,,,,,,, and

He has repeatedly (2019-2023 ) been ranked in the World Trademark Review 1000 and included in the IP STAR 2020-2023 ranking scheme. Tomáš Klinka is a member of the editorial board of the Transfer Technológií bulletin (Technology Transfer bulletin – TTb) and Duševné vlastníctvo (Intellectual Property) journals. He frequently publishes in the journal and also on the blog and regularly lectures at scientific conferences and seminars.

Tomáš Klinka graduated from the Faculty of Law of Trnava University in Trnava, worked for a long time at the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic where he between 2015-2017 as director of the legislative and legal department initiated and in close cooperation with the professional public also led works on a fundamental revision of industrial property law. He has represented the Slovak Republic at many prestigious international events in intellectual property as well as at several diplomatic conferences.


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