About event

COINTT (Cooperation Innovation Technology Transfer) is professional conference with international participants. It is the biggest event in Slovakia devoted to technology transfer, intellectual property rights, innovations, and business support.

Our ambition is to make COINTT Conference the most significant event of its kind in Slovakia and accepted platform where are presented support instruments to connect scientific research institutions with business environment and implementing innovations for enterprise in one place and which creates space to share experience for representatives of all relevant participants in innovative activities in Slovakia as well as abroad.

Main organizer of event is Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, namely Technology Transfer Division, Section for Promotion of Science. Co-organizers are institutions and external associates that can contribute professionally with their activity and cooperation or help to organize, prepare and conduct the Conference.


Aim of the COINTT Conference is to draw attention of academic, professional and business public to technology transfer, intellectual property rights and business support.

Main goal of the event is supporting technology and knowledge transfer and experience from Slovak public scientific research institutions into practice via creating space for meetings between scientific research professionals, commercial sphere representatives and potential investors.

Specific COINTT goals are:

  • creating platform for Slovak public scientific research institutions professionals to share experience of technology transfer
  • presenting scientific research competence to private sector with aim to find new opportunities for innovative cooperations
  • creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to access scientific research capacity of Slovak public scientific research institutions
  • presenting support tools for innovations in industry
  • presenting successful innovative business from Slovakia
  • presenting successful foreign investments, global enterprise in Slovakia and possibilities to support them
  • presenting of possibilities to finance innovative business from home and foreign sources
  • Successful examples of intellectual property protection and commercialization from public scientific research institution presenting
  • supporting services of industrial property use in innovative business presentation


Last year´s COINTT was for the first time held in present only. Conference programme was splitted again into two days on three stages: Technology Transfer, Innovation and Cooperation.

The event also included the announcement of the winners of Prize for Technology Transfer in Slovakia 2022 (CTTS). This happened in occasion of anniversary 10th year of the competition during the social evening preceded with gala dinner. Participation in social evening was by invitations only. Ceremmonial announcement of competition winners and awarding of prizes were live streamed on event´s webpage.

Managing bodies of COINTT 2022 were: Content Council and Organisational Committee of COINTT 2022, subordinated to Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information director general. You can read more about rules and management of the event in COINTT STATUS.

COINTT 2022 was held under auspices of Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic and President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana Čaputová.


More information about this year´s COINTT date and venue will be announced soon.