Roman Kukuča

Roman Kukuča studied Radioelectronics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of SVŠT (now Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of SUT) in Bratislava. After graduating he worked at Faculty as doctoral candidate focused on non-linear electrodynamics with possibilities to utilise it in technical practice, which was new and very attractive field of basic research at that time. He worked as a teacher for more than 10 years in Slovakia and abroad. After this experience he decided to work on utilising the research and development in technology and participated in establishing Andis, s.r.o. company focused on developing and producing mechanisms while applying own experience, inventions and modern technologies. Later together with other enthusiasts they established Infocar, a.s., company with the main business activities in trading exclusively own products. He still acts as CEO of Andis with stable motto: if we can develop and produce something by our own, we should do that. Despite enormous boom of electrotechnics and information technologies and hence growing competition the company is continuously able to bring new unique solutions on market. They received multiple awards at international fair and became commercially successful in Slovakia and abroad. This provides a basis for establishing cooperation with Ayming Slovakia. Andis became one of their first clients and the cooperation is for long term really beneficial for both companies.