Petra Dzurovčinová

Petra Dzurovčinová studied International Business at the University of Economics in Bratislava, where, in the course of her study, she completed a study stay at the University of Brest in France and a summer school in Seoul, South Korea. In 2015, she attended the Oxford Internet Leadership Academy programme focused on policy making in the digital space.

After completing her university studies, she worked for three years on developing and communicating scientific and technical knowledge to the general public at the Royal Institution of Australia in Adelaide. She was in at the birth of the Slovak Alliance for Innovative Economics (SAPIE), which, currently with more than eighty members, is a key representative of technology companies on the domestic and international scene. At SAPIE, she co-authored expert papers on the start-up ecosystem, analysis and methods to support fast-growing companies and ways to effectively implement the Digital Single Market in the EU and in Slovakia. In her leisure time, she also organised TEDx events in Bratislava and Adelaide. She is co-author of the chapter on business and innovation of the Bratislava Plan.

As plenipotentiary for innovation, she is involved in the development of technical and process innovations, cooperation with the academic, business and third sectors, the establishing of a city laboratory and the management of pilot projects. Her work also includes international cooperation on Eurocities and other platforms.