Miroslav Gašpárek

Miroslav Gašpárek is CEO and co-founder of Sensible Biotechnologies company that develops cell-based platform to produce cost-effective, highly stable and easily scalable high-quality mRNA for manufacturing new generation mRNA therapeutics.  Sensible Biotechnologies has received investment 4,2 million USD from the Y Combinator, BlueYard Capital and other investors in pre-seed turn and concluded important strategic partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE: DNA) company.

Miroslav Gašpárek graduated in biomedical engineering from Imperial College London. He still continues his PhD. studies in Engineering and Synthetic Biology at the University of Oxford. He is an advisor to a member of the World Health Organization’s Executive Committee on Innovation and Biosafety as well as co-founder and Co-Managing Director of British organisation Nucleate.