Michal Takáč

Dr. Michal Takáč is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of DimensionLab, a company developing Siml.ai, which is a platform for extremely fast AI-driven numerical simulation. 

He is an enthusiastic software engineer with 13+ years of experience across various companies and his own 3 previous startups as a CTO. In 2022, Michal defended his PhD in Cybernetics from Technical University of Košice, with the thesis focused on leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms (lattice-Boltzmann method) for speeding up computational fluid dynamics simulations and their real-time rendering in virtual reality. 

He’s been Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley, Student Personality of the Year 2022 in the category of metallurgy, engineering and energy in Slovakia, and is recognized as Emerging Talent at Falling Walls after winning Falling Wall Lab Slovakia 2020 with his project MathworldVR.