Matúš Gajdos

Matus was appointed as Product Manager at GA Drilling a.s. in May 2020. Before this, he was holding various positions in the business as Business Development Manager and Head of Research and Development. GA Drilling is a world pioneer in developing innovative PLASMABIT technology for contactless drilling using its proprietary electric plasma disintegration process. The technology opens opportunities within geothermal energy sector by enabling cost efficient hard rock drilling. Matus oversees IP protection of this PLASMABIT technology. Matus is experienced in technical sides of projects implementation since he was involved as a key technical staff in publicly funded project from EU sources (STOICISM, GeoDH). He was coordinating the Feasibility study which successfully concluded in getting investment from EIT Innoenergy for field testing of PLASMABIT technology. He was Technical Lead of the secured project. Matus holds PhD from fluid mechanics based on a thesis related to industrial utilization of supercritical state of water. In his spare time Matus is volunteering for an NGO focused on marital and parental education which enables him to better understand motivation and willingness of people to work on improvement of their skills and competencies.

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