Martin Pribila

He gained first working experience already in elementary school during family activities on building site. Later he worked as a cleaner of university premises. In third year at university studies he received an offer to do part-time job at static office active on UK market. He gained another experience in Australia while working for an architect as well as in Vienna. During his studies at Faculty of Civil Engineering he completed Erasmus student stay in Vienna. After graduation he started to study PhD. programme but later decided to focus on practice in Mattersburg, where they offered him a lot of interesting static tasks from statics to pontoon theatre (projects such as NÖM, OMV, Magna, Ströck, Glock Familie, Wien Energie, Sankt Marx). At the same time, he started own business activities with a goal to focus more on innovations. He had to wait for 12 years before gaining interest for cooperation from the university. In thirteenth year of practice he participates in three researches via various projects – recycled concrete, GFRP rebar and thermotechnical parameters of houses covered with earth. Despite many refuses of planned research activities they successfully penetrated world markets.