Marian Vojs

Ing. Marian Vojs, PhD. has more than 23 years of experience in research of diamond layers and carbon nanomaterials at FEI STU. During this period he contributed to 93 SCOPUS publications, has reached 1006 citations and his H-index is 18. In his pedagogical work prepared more than 20 graduates.

Dr.Vojs is specialist of preparation technology and multi-spectral analysis of physical, chemical and electric properties of nanomaterials. He is a pioneer of boron doped diamond layers research and their use for environmental applications in Slovakia. In his scientific activity he focuses also on electrochemical sensors for water analysis (more than 50 substances) and highly effective elimination of pollutants (narcotics, medicaments, pesticides, bacteria, viruses etc.) from wastewaters.

Together with the application sphere he is involved also in environmental burden on-line monitoring via IoT equipment developed at FEI STU and SMART management of domestic wastewater treatment plants. In cooperation with students of Faculty of Architecture and Design – FAD STU (moodup s. r. o.) works on developing intelligent disinfection stand for hands disinfection and air purification via nanomaterials use.

He significantly contributed to successful fulfilment of several national and international projects as principal investigator or co-investigator.