Gregor Mareš

He works at RTVS as a presenter of programmes about science and technology VAT and Experiment and also show DUEL which is the highest rated knowledge competition in Slovak televisions for many years.

He graduated at Technical University in Zvolen in Management of forest enterprises field. From the beginning of the studies, he was simultaneously working for various local and countrywide radios and stayed in that field also after successfully completing studies.

His professional career turned to promotion of science and technology via television since 2009, when he became host of VAT – Veda a technika (Science and technology) programme.

In 2011 he started to also host knowledge competition DUEL and since 2019 became presenter of scientific discussion with leading Slovak scientists – TV programme Experiment.

All projects he is engaged in are continuously high rated and popular among people. Show DUEL achieves many times highest rate of all RTVS broadcasts of the day.

VAT – 14 years

DUEL – 12 years

Experiment – 4 years