František Simančík

Dr. Ing. František Simančík is an expert in non-ferrous metals, composites and technologies for their production and processing. As the main coordinator, he has led a number of research projects which included two EU Framework Programmes projects, the MNT Eranet project, ESA, two government projects, five APVV projects, some of which are regarded as success stories in the programme. He also acted as a coordinator in 7 EU structural funds projects which resulted in the establishment of the Centre of Excellence for Composites Research for Engineering, Construction and Medical Applications in Bratislava (CEKOMAT) and the Application Centre for Light Metals and Composites (Inoval) in Žiar nad Hronom, where he continues as its leader. He has supervised eight PhD students, all of whom are active in research, co-authored more than 360 publications, including seventy invited lectures at major scientific events. More than thirty of the inventions he has participated in have been granted patent protection. He has won several awards. In 2011, he received Crystal Wing in the category of medicine and science, in 1998 it was the Technology of the Year in the Slovak Republic, resp. Outstanding Figure in Science and Technology of the Slovak Republic 2011. At present, as head of the Application Centre for Light Metals and Composites of the Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, he is involved in the issue of light construction materials and efficient use of energy. As a member of the Slovak Academy of Sciences Presidium he is responsible for the transfer of scientific knowledge into practice.