Artur Gevorkyan

Dipl. Ing. Artur Gevorkyan, a native of Armenia, is owner of the powder metallurgy plant GEVORKYAN, s.r.o. in Vlkanová, Banská Bystrica district, Banská Bystrica Self-Governing region.

He was the director and owner of the first private plant in Ukraine.

GEVORKYAN, s.r.o. company has under its roof unique technologies for pressing metal powders – sintering, injection of composite materials based on plastics and metals, and 3D printing.

His vision is to develop the company through a diversified portfolio of unique products developed in collaboration with customers from different countries to meet the latest trends in a variety of industries from automotive, oil industry, medicine to cosmetics.

Just a few weeks after the outbreak of the epidemic, the company was able to launch the production of a unique mask for multiple uses. The masks have been distributed worldwide, including larger humanitarian aid deliveries.

Thanks to his original company management principles, he regularly receives invitations to lecture at conferences, events and seminars.