Anna Čaplovičová

Anna Čaplovičová is Executive Director of industrial-innovation cluster INOVATO. INOVATO CLUSTER is an association of innovative Slovak and Czech companies a organizations whose business activities are in machinery, microelectronic, digitalization, modular production, additive production, artificial intelligence, social entrepreneurship etc. Cluster benefits from synergy, wide competence range sharing and professionality of its members. Its multidisciplinary character makes it to be able to cover all these elements.

Before joining the INOVATO worked Mrs. Čaplovičová more than 3 years at Innovation Department of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic where she participated in several strategies and policies preparation, most recently as a coordinator of Strategy of Science and Research for Intelligence Specialization of Slovak Republic, so called RIS3 (2021-2027). She studied materials science at the Faculty of Material Science of Slovak University of Technology in Trnava. She also worked 5 years as a research scientist at Technical University of Munich and another 5 years she spent in automobile industry.