Adam Bartoš

Adam Bartoš is a founder and CEO of Slovak Institute of Advanced Technologies (SIAT s.r.o.) company. He has 13 years’ experience in process engineering in industry. Along with professional career he has been working on robotics and development of bionics upper limb prostheses and is still actively engaged in this field. Possibility to find solutions that can be beneficial for the society always motivated him. For that reason, he founded SIAT s.r.o. company that successfully completed many projects in mechanical engineering. His main effort and vision consist of ultrasound technology for detection of compressed air and gas leak development. He considers this to be a key element in operational safety, saving energies and reducing carbon footprint in industry. 

He is enthusiastically engaged in company development, its expansion to foreign markets and building connections between business sphere and universities to be able to share know-how and contribute to economic growth and innovations.