Peter Linhardt

Peter Linhardt has worked in IT systems consultancy, system integration, design and development of eHealth in Slovakia. He gained most of his experience in eHealth through his activities in the National Health Information System of the Slovak Republic project. He participated in defining the goals for the digitalisation of healthcare; he focused on the issue of structures and structuring of patients’ medical records. He was involved in the analysis of the electronicisation of processes in healthcare and in designing solutions for eHealth. He was engaged in the preparation of proposals for eHealth solutions for Central Europe, the Balkans and Central Asia.

He is currently involved in analysing the concepts of the eHealth superstructure to reflect the development of technologies for telemedicine, cloud storage, processing and sharing the health-relevant data and telemetric patient data obtained outside of hospitals. He works closely on issues of the cloud concept for eHealth data centres and the benefits of this concept for health informatics.

He has actively promoted and explained the Slovak eHealth model and its benefits for all stakeholders in the healthcare sector at conferences in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria and elsewhere in Europe.