Miriama Hučková

Miriama Hučková is the executive director of Košice IT Valley, which is currently the only certified gold cluster in Slovakia and the first of its kind in Central Europe.

Prior to that, she worked for three years at the Ministry of the Economy of the Slovak Republic, where she focused on proposing policies to increase the innovative performance of the Slovak Republic, the Smart City concept and international cooperation. She studied law at universities in Košice and Italy.

About Košice IT Valley

The Košice region has long been known for its metallurgical industry, but in recent years it has grown in importance as a region of innovation and information technology. This is largely thanks to the successful Košice IT Valley cluster, which has become an example of active cooperation between IT companies, regional government and universities.

The cluster was established in 2007, now has 58 members, and its main goal is to support the IT industry in the region. Thanks to setting up operating links between otherwise competing entities, the attraction to investment to the region has increased, as also has the employment. Figures can serve to confirm the trend: in 2007, fewer than a thousand people worked in IT in the region; these days, this sector employs more than 15,000 people and accounts for approximately 16% of the GDP of the Košice region.