Michal Hrabovec

Anasoft (ANASOFT APR, spol. s r.o.) devises solutions for industry and the public sector, for logistics, process digitisation and document signing, real estate management and implements solutions in cyber security. It was established in 1991 at the Slovak University of Technology campus in Bratislava and is currently one of the 10 largest software houses in Slovakia. It has operations in several countries and has been involved in establishing other successful technology companies.

The company is also known as a business philanthropist, supports Slovak prose writers by way of the Anasoft Litera award, creative education in robotics and entrepreneurship at schools as well as charity projects. It provides funding for research and development in various areas of its portfolio which include, e.g. neural networks, self-learning algorithms and biometric authentication.

Michal Hrabovec works as a mentor in several technology incubators and initiatives and is a member of professional associations and governing bodies in some non-profit organisations.