Ján Žižka

Dr. Ján Žižka is the CEO and co-founder of Brightpick and its parent company, Photoneo Brightpick Group. A technology visionary, Jan sets Brightpick’s strategy and is closely involved in developing new robot technologies. He has filed over 20 patents ranging from 3D sensing methods to mobile robotics and is a recognized expert in the field of AI, machine vision and warehouse automation.

Before co-founding Brightpick, Jan co-founded and led Photoneo, which is now one of the leading 3D machine vision companies in the world with customers such as General Motors, Volkswagen and KUKA. Prior to that, he was a research engineer at Micro-Epsilon, a leading sensor manufacturer. Jan earned a PhD in Computer Vision from Comenius University, during which he also did research on computational cameras and optics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).