Frances Paulisch

Frances Paulisch is responsible for the company-wide “Software Initiative” in the Siemens Healthineers Development Centre. In her work she focuses on improving and strengthening collaboration between teams over the course of the software development lifecycle in order to achieve pace and flexibility while ensuring high quality. This requires a dedicated focus on continuous delivery and the change in culture associated with it. In her previous position in Siemens as well as her current position in Siemens Healthineers, she was one of the key figures in the company’s role-based architecture programme. Frances Paulisch is also an active member of the global software engineering community and plays an active role in various major software conferences, such as the International Conference on Software Engineering. She holds a master’s degree from Purdue University and a doctorate in software engineering from the University of Karlsruhe.

In addition to working as the Head of Software Initiative she is also a recognised researcher with a very good impact. A brief description of her scientific focus can be found at