TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER: Building a culture – education, science, technology transfer

25. October 2023, 9:45 - 11:00

Governments everywhere want to encourage and measure the socioeconomic impact of publicly-funded research.  Universities want more ‘knowledge transfer’ too, not least because research funding is increasingly dependent on impact. However, those universities that want to encourage more “knowledge transfer” often struggle to find effective and efficient ways of equipping and incentivising their researchers to do so. In this session Jeff Skinner, retired Executive Director of  School’s Institute for Entrepreneurship and Private Capital at London Business School (UK), first will outline the various mechanisms that universities can put into place to support those researchers who want to do more (but don’t know how to).  He then will describe some of the tactics that academic leaders can put in place to incentivise more researchers to want to pro-actively engage in impact-generating “knowledge transfer”.  

The frameworks Jeff Skinner will present are based on decades of experience of working with management teams, knowledge transfer directors and academics at universities across Europe. The options, he will describe, build into a strategy that any determined university can adopt to build its knowledge transfer capability and results.