TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER: Connection and presentation of the offer of scientific research institutions in the field of technology transfer (Technology Transfer Centre, Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information)

25. October 2023, 15:00 - 15:30

Universities, Slovak Academy of Sciences and sectoral research institutes bring many new interesting technologies that should be utilised in practice. It is necessary to achieve effectiveness of new technologies presentation as well as competence of particular workplaces in research and development to increase number of successfully completed technology transfers. One of tools that can be used to reach this goal is common database of technologies and competencies potentially connecting offers of all Slovak scientific research institutions.

Such database in a free portal form will enable entrepreneurs to become familiar with current offer of our institutions and establish commercially oriented cooperation with them. In ideal case the offer based on previous experience and background of all involved subjects should be introduced not only on national, but also international level.

Aim of the programme entry is to present current cooperation between Technology Transfer Centre at the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SCSTI) and Italian organisation Netval, which goal is to make a tool for international presentation of own offer in technology transfer and cooperation with practice field available for Slovak scientific research institutions.


Jaroslav Noskovič
25. October 2023, 15:00 - 15:30, Stage 1