Sean Fielding will talk about social responsibility of scientific research institutions at COINTT 2023 Conference.

Sean Fielding, former Director of Innovation, Impact and Business at University of Exeter in the Great Britain will talk about obligations and transparency of academic institutions inwardly and outwardly at COINTT 2023 Conference.

Universities are required to demonstrate „impact“ of their activities in various ways and they are aware of their role in the region as well as the need to manage own reputation and build own brand. For that reason, leading representatives of universities are still more interested in a way they should organize and measure this „third mission. “ Sean Fielding will report how universities should answer to this occasion, how they can internally manage and measure this activities and demonstrate their effectiveness towards own external communities. One of the key questions is who should be responsible for these tasks.

Sean Fielding led the knowledge exchange team at University of Exeter for over 25 years. He also led the development of Innovation Centre and Science Park at the University and acted as Chair of the Management Board for several years. His team also supported establishing new campus in economically deprived part of the United Kingdom. He held the positions of Director of research management, marketing, communications, fundraising, student recruitment and international partnerships at university as well.

During the last year at University of Exeter he led the strategic change programme to reorganise all academic and professional services structures working closely with the Vice-Chancellor. He was chair of SETSquared, the world’s best University/ business incubator and chair of the UK national TTO Association (PraxisAuril). Sean was also CEO of several business companies and supported more than 30 spin-outs. He is registered technology transfer professional (RTTP).

Currently Sean Fielding acts as a member of ASTP Professional Development Committee.

Sean Fielding will deliver the presentation on October 24th, from 9:30 to 10:45.

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