Dr. Kevin Cullen will come to Slovakia to introduce Easy Access in intellectual property rights protection

Do we use all approaches to intellectual property rights protection in Slovakia? Do we generally know them? Are we able to use them?

One of them, Easy Access, will come to introduce to Slovakia Dr. Kevin Cullen from KAUST University in Saudi Arabia. He is leader of the university´s intellectual property portfolio at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, helps to create spin-offs and supports them as well as enterprises with foreign equity participation and cooperation with industrial partners. Significantly contributes also to the business culture development at KAUST.

Cullen is leader of global innovations, economic development and cooperation of universities with industry. He promotes as simple transfer of copyrights as possible. He will not talk only about theory but also describe his experience in using Easy Access during more than 20 years spent in different universities around the world.

Keynote of Dr. Cullen will be followed by presentation – historical overview of Easy Access use in the world and results of survey between technology transfer professionals, in particular benefits and occasions to implement it they see there.

Dr. Kevin Cullen helped to improve university innovative enterprises which leaded to founding more than 250 start-ups as well as establishing many new products and services.

Before joining the KAUST he worked six years as CEO of the Innovation centre at UNSW in Sydney (the University of New South Wales). He helped the centre to transform from traditional commercialization unit to innovative centre via wide range of activities realised to support economic and social development.

He was appointed also as a Director of ITM at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and Research Director at Glasgow university in the Great Britain.

Dr. Kevin Cullen will award one of the winners of Prize for Technology Transfer in Slovakia 2022 competition at the event. Announcement of competition´s winners will happen during the Social evening on the first conference day.