Social evening and gala dinner (accessible by invitation only due to limited capacity – R.S.V.P.) Award ceremony for the winners of the competition Prize for technology transfer in Slovakia 2023

24. October 2023, 18:00 - 22:45

Social evening with gala dinner and announcement of Prize for Technology Transfer in Slovakia (CTTS) 2023 winners will be organised as a part of COINTT event which builds on previous format of Technology Transfer in Slovakia and Abroad conferences.

Announcement of winners will take place during the social event with gala dinner served before it. Event will also be accompanied by cultural programme.

Social evening as well as the competition is organised by Technology Transfer Centre at the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information.

Important note: Admission to gala dinner by special invitation only (Invitation to gala dinner) due to limited capacity.

Prize for Technology Transfer in Slovakia

Main goal of Prize for Technology Transfer in Slovakia is to award innovative achievements of scientific research activities with significant contribution for practice and also their authors. At the same time its aim is to draw attention to the work made solely at public higher education institutions, Slovak Academy of Science and sectoral research institutes in Slovakia. The award should motivate scientists and researchers to become engaged in intellectual property rights protection and its commercialization. You can find more information about the Prize on National Technology Transfer portal.

Competition is designed for all scientists and researchers in Slovakia and their teams who strive to commercialize own inventions. Competition Prize for Technology Transfer in Slovakia take in 2023 place from April,1 till August, 31 in three categories:

  • INNOVATION – category designed for original, unique and the most useful results or technologies of scientific community from public scientific research institutions where process of intellectual property protection and its commercialization is in progress or has been already finished.
  • INNOVATOR – category designed for personal nominations – authors or collectives of authors with exemplary attitude to the process of protection of their scientific research activities outputs and their subsequent commercialization.
  • ACHIEVEMENT IN TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER IN SLOVAKIA – category, where achievements with considerable contribution to technology transfer field in Slovakia or specific example fulfilling signs of systematic approach to intellectual property rights protection and commercialization by local technology transfer office, similar organizational unit of scientific research institution or individual research specialists from public research institutions can be nominated.