“Will open businessmen´s eyes.” Attention drawn to academic workplaces.

COINTT Conference is regular professional event of conference autumn. We think about programme structure of it from the summer beginning though.

Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information is clear about thematic focus of professional intellectual property protection and its commercialization conference with international participation.  COOPERATION INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER 2022 (COINTT 2022) will “open businessmen´s eyes” to help them become acquainted with academic workplaces potential.

Currently about simplifying communication

COINTT event means technology transfer, intellectual property protection, innovations and business support. Those wide terms are specific and develop in time.

Hence annual conference represents occasion for interested parties to share the most current news from the areas.

COINTT will this year focus on simplifying contact between academic and business sphere in technology transfer.

“In program entries we will try to find answers on questions like: How can Open Access and Easy Access contribute to commercial use of intellectual property? How to make technology transfer on Slovak scientific research workplaces easier? What methods of contact and cooperation with commercial sphere these workplaces use? How to make their activity more interesting for private sector? What role should play Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information Technology Transfer Centre as national workplace? What is role and relevance of local technology transfer centres at universities?,” specifies Želmíra Gerová, Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information.

Traditional award with traditional significance

Ceremonial announcement of Award for Technology Transfer in Slovakia (CTTS) competition results is regular part of COINTT Conference. Scientists and scientific research teams are awarded for their achievements and approach in three categories: Innovation, Innovator and Achievement in Technology Transfer. This year is winners awarding planned during the gala evening.  Organizers emphasize that main role of this awarding is further motivation raise. Specifically, motivating academic environment, science and research to active approach to technology transfer. In business language, their research and innovations become “what sells” thanks to intellectual property protection and its commercialization.

Conference for the first time in-site only

COINTT 2022 will be held on October 18th -19th 2022 in Hotel Saffron´s premises and for the first time the event will be only “in-site”. As every year the basic program structure will contain three stages: TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER, INNOVATION and COOPERATION.

Conference is organized by Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information Technology Transfer Centre (CTT CVTI SR).

Co-organizers are Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency, start-ups support consultancy company Civitta Slovakia, a. s., National Technology Transfer Centre (NCTT SR) that associates 7 public universities, Slovak Academy of Science and Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information with aim to support technology transfer and its systematisation in Slovakia.

Event is held as a part of implementation of National infrastructure for transfer of technology support in Slovakia – NITT SK II. / Investment in your future / This project is sponsored by European Regional Development Fund.