SAPIE becomes a new co-organizer of INNOVATION stage at COINTT 2023 Conference

COINTT (Cooperation Innovation Technology Transfer) is an annual conference on technology transfer, intellectual property rights protection, innovations, supporting business and cooperation between academia and commercial sphere. It is the biggest event focused on these topics in Slovakia with international participants. The main theme of this year´s COINTT which will be held in October is How to fill in „white spaces“ in innovations and technology transfer field.

The main organizer of event is Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SCSTI), in particular Technology Transfer Department as a part of Science Support Section. Basic programme structure of the event will as every year consist of three stages/thematical fields: TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER, INNOVATION and COOPERATION.

Slovak Alliance for Innovation Economy (SAPIE), the biggest organization with more than 170 member entities comprising innovative and digital economy ecosystem in Slovakia, will become co-organizer of INNOVATION stage.

SAPIE is an independent organization that gathers more than 170 innovative and technological companies, focused on support and development of innovative business environment in Slovakia. Its goal is also to be a platform which connects not only own members together, but also launches discussion about current topics of innovative economy and acts as „a bridge“ between enterprises, investors, public administration and decision makers in innovative ecosystem issues. The organisation is co-creator of platform, participates in European Digital Innovation Hubs through the Hopero project and also founded League for digital boost project.

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