How to fill in „white spaces“ in technology transfer area with regard to practice? This is the main message of COINTT 2023

The biggest professional forum dedicated to technology transfer COINTT (Cooperation Innovation Technology Transfer) will this year again become a part of conference autumn. Two-day event will welcome many academics, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations´ and business associations representatives from Slovakia and abroad. Programme as well as thematical focus is getting rough contours these days.  

The main message of the biggest event organized by Technology Transfer Centre of Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (SCSTI) will be how to fill in “the gaps” in technology transfer to practice. „The Conference will offer space for discussion and exchange of views between intellectual property protection, technology transfer, innovations and cooperation of academic and business sphere professionals, “specifies Miroslav Kubiš, Head of Technology Transfer Department of SCSTI. The main topics will be introduced during the two-day conference via interesting lectures, presentations, and panel discussions.

Technology Transfer as a part of Slovak National Strategy

Protection of research results achieved in Slovak scientific institutions and their subsequent commercialization as well as implementation to practice is a part of recently adopted National R&D and Innovation Strategy 2030. For that reason, lectures and discussions will deal also with vision of technology transfer process in Slovakia, minimal standard for management of intellectual property created from public sources or establishing the national authority. Interesting topic will be optimalisation and coordination of processes on national level within different initiatives with influence on technology transfer process. In this respect we cannot omit comparison of practice in Slovakia and abroad as well as differences in connecting the research institutions with business sector in particular countries.

The first successful transfer at university and ethics of technology transfer

At the end of last year, the first known transfer of intellectual property created at Slovak university since 1989 was realised. It is the medicinal research technology that can contribute to successful assisted IVF reproduction. „Technology Transfer in the medical sciences is currently so significant topic for us that we dedicate separated block session at COINTT 2023 Conference to it, “specifies M.Kubiš.

Range of topics that will be covered in COINTT 2023 by renowned speakers is not final yet. During two conference days we will focus on social responsibility of scientific institutions, examples of cooperation and „networking“ between technology transfer workplaces abroad, ethical questions in employer-employee relationship or sustainability of academic institutions´ participation in technology transfer.