Conclusions from the COINTT 2022 Conference

Závery z COINTT 2022

On October 18th and 19th the COINTT 2022 Conference with the main topic Making contact between academic and business sphere in technology transfer simpler was held in Bratislava. Main organizer of the conference – Centre for Technology Transfer of SCSTI has chosen the theme because they see the opportunity to improve conditions of effective technology transfer in Slovak public scientific-research institutions.

We have chosen the goals according to content discussed during the COINTT 2022 Conference that fulfilment will in our opinion bring benefits for Slovakia in 2023. We will monitor their realisation in 2023 and the COINTT 2023 conference will evaluate outputs achieved in these fields.

We assigned particular steps/tasks to the goals that can help to achieve them as follows:

1. Launching Regional Innovation Centre of Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region which will be able to obtain particular information about possibilities for cooperation between academic institutions in region with private sector in following areas:

  1. Education:
    1. Master´s theses, eventually PhD. doctoral studies,
    2. Dual education at high schools
  2. Research and development:
    1. Overview of areas where academic institutions in region can offer research and development cooperation
    2. Overview of manners of academic institutions in region to ensure research and development cooperation
  3. contacts on technology transfer workplaces in academic institutions
  4. Establishing and specifying role of municipalities in first contact with business sector – presenting services of regional innovation centre in cooperation with academic sector to entrepreneurs.

2. Preparing feasible proposal for establishing fund to support innovative starting enterprises outside standard market processes (acceleration of start-up environment):

  1. fund shall substitute financing from banks and financing by private equity in the very initial phase of its functioning (so called preseed phase),
  2. Defining minimal conditions in support services for academic institutions for establishing student´s start-up and employees´ spin-off/spin-out enterprises and their involvement into so called Minimal standard (please see below).

3. Anchoring particular tasks to solve the problems in technology transfer in strategic documents of Recovery and Resilience plan according to COINTT 2022 Conference participants proposals.  

  1. defining Minimal standard for disposition of property – intellectual property created from public sources in scientific-research institutions in Slovakia
  2. establishing authority for fulfilment of Minimal standard conditions verification in scientific-research institutions in Slovakia
    1. Establishing motivating tools (according to NCTT SR model) – patent fund, proof of concept fund, supplementary support services in technology transfer process
    2. Establishing persecution tools – evaluation of scientific-research institutions in Slovakia, financial instruments availability

4. Implementing legislative changes to eliminate obstacles in technology transfer process according to SCSTI, NCTT SR and Ministry of Finance proposals.

  1. 176/2004 Coll. – Act on Disposal of Property of Public Institutions
  2. 278/1993 Coll. – Act on State Property Administration,
  3. 243/2017 Coll. – Act on Public Research Institutions,
  4. Verifying possible obstacles in other legislative provisions (e.g., Act on Higher Education, Public Procurement Law).

5. Preparing methodology of easy access use in technology transfer process for scientific-research institutions in Slovakia and its disclosure