COINTT 2023 will give space to National R&D and Innovation Strategy

Extensive document Recovery and Resilience Plan of Slovak Republic (Recovery plan) and National R&D and Innovation Strategy count with supporting innovations´ development as well as improving conditions and technology transfer implementation in academia. What should be improved in this area and how can Slovakia get an inspiration from more developed countries in technology transfer at universities? Miroslav Kubiš, Head of Technology Transfer Department of Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technical Information answered on these and many other questions in article „SUPPORTING TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER MEANS SUPPORTING OUR FUTURE“ in professional journal TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER bulletin published by Technology Transfer Department of SCSTI (

Recovery plan along with National R&D and Innovation Strategy will be presented also at upcoming COINTT 2023 Conference. We see the big importance of raising awareness of them among professional audience.

Miroslav Kubiš notices in aforementioned article: „National R&D and Innovation Strategy describes areas connected also with technology transfer and introduces several topics we put across. E.g., establishing authority to verify necessary standards needed for rational technology transfer realisation as well as removing legislative obstacles for technology transfer.“

Proposals introduced by Technology Transfer Department of SCSTI, especially those concerning minimal standard implementation, have been accepted for Action plan of National R&D and Innovation Strategy. The basic area minimal standard will target is existing guidelines in academic institutions for defined technology transfer areas. Those are mentioned also on National Portal for Technology Transfer. Technology Transfer Department of SCSTI has proposed existence of specialised workplace for technology transfer that disposes of sufficient competence to disposal of the intellectual property created at whole university to be added to minimal standard as well. Conditions of minimal standard will be specified in detail in the way academic institutions will be able to implement them.

The Recovery plan as well as National R&D and Innovation Strategy will be introduced as a part of optimalization and coordination of technology transfer processes on national level and also in the context of other documents, as for example National Intellectual Property Strategy (under the responsibility of Industrial Property Office of Slovak Republic) or Programme Slovakia 2021-2027. 

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