Hotel Saffron, Radlinského 27, Bratislava

COINT 2022 – Conference and social evening (gala dinner with announcement of Award for Technology Transfer in Slovakia competition winners) will take place in Hotel Saffron´s premises in Bratislava. All conference rooms are on the first floor.

Conference will be held this year in-site only. Program is divided into four stages. Three mains of them are: Cooperation, Innovation and Technology Transfer. Besides those stages will be this year for the first time as a part of conference installed also Expo-consulting stage, where will for both days present particular centres for Technology Transfer from Slovak universities and Slovak Academy of Science along with other co-organizers and partners, e.g. patent agencies or Research Centre AgroBioTech SPU (Slovak University of Agriculture) in Nitra. This institution will offer possibility to taste its own products.


Parking will be secured by organizers only for speakers and participants of Conference agreed in advance. Other participants can use paid parking lot of the hotel. We recommend verifying free places at the hotel´s reception due to limited capacity of them.


Organizer will provide accommodation for participants of Conference and social evening agreed in advance. Other participants can accommodate in comfortable hotel rooms of Hotel Saffron at own costs. You can obtain more information about prices and free rooms at the hotel´s reception.