Anniversary 10th Award for approach to intellectual property will be given 

Slovak scientists, innovators, academic sphere representatives have been already ten years awarded for their activities in intellectual property protection and its commercialization. They confirm to colleagues as well as general public that active approach to technology transfer is reasonable.

Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information will give Award for Technology Transfer in Slovakia during the COINTT Conference on intellectual property protection and its commercialization with international participation.

Anniversary 10th year of Award for Technology Transfer in Slovakia competition will remind again all scientific research workers that investing time to make own work more visible via its commercialization and therefore invest time to technology transfer process should be part of their work and a step to success.

“This year again we would like to award achievements of scientific research activity with contribution for practice and its authors, motivate scientific research workers to be engaged in intellectual property protection and its commercialization process. It is at the same time opportunity to raise awareness of technology transfer among professionals,” explains Silvester Sališ from Technology Transfer Centre of CVTI SR (CTT CVTI SR), expert guarantee of this year´s competition.

Awards will be given as usually in three categories: INNOVATION, INNOVATOR, ACHIEVEMENT IN TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER

Professional jury will choose winners of each category from chosen nominees. The jury usually consists of eight members, technology transfer, intellectual property protection and innovations experts from various Slovak public and private institutions, e.g. Industrial Property Office, Civitta Slovakia, a. s., BIC Bratislava spol. s r.o., University of Economics in Bratislava or STU Scientific, s. r. o.

Winners will receive original statuette directly from Slovak product designer Štefan Nosek. They are awarded annually during the ceremonial announcement of results during the biggest national technology transfer conference COOPERATION INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER (COINTT).

“On the occasion of anniversary 10th year of Conference and because of better epidemiological situation with COVID-19 pandemic we decided to announce winners on gala evening that will be part of the first day of COINTT Conference with cultural and social program included,” specifies Sališ from CTT CVTI SR.

All information about competition as well as list of all previous winners can be found on National Technology Transfer Portal (NPTT).

COINTT Conference will be held on October 18th and 19th in Hotel Saffron, Bratislava.

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